LATIN EXPRESS headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a wide network available to agents and correspondents, both domestic and foreign.

Latin Express Financial Services Argentina S.A. (“LATIN EXPRESS”) is a legal corporation providing reliable, fast and easy money transfers since 2002. LATIN EXPRESS is a recognized service provider to clients who are both sending and receiving funds while ensuring that all transactions are fully compliant within Argentinian regulations.

LATIN EXPRESS is a bridge between worldwide immigrants who need to send money to their families, using a wide network of quality agents, banks, and trusted personnel. With LATIN EXPRESSÔÇÖs strict procedures in place and an accessible support system, clients are able to quickly and securely send and receive funds in just minutes.

We hold agents both domestic and foreign to a high standard not only to facilitate easy and fast transactions but also ensuring all transactions and activities are fully compliant with regulations in both Argentina and in each operating country.

LATIN EXPRESSÔÇÖs priority is that all contracted agents follow and apply adequate procedures to prevent and control suspicious activities, and report said suspicious activities to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing transactions.